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The Dutch National SDI (PDOK) is a central facility for unlocking geodatasets of national importance. This is actual and reliable information for both the public and private sectors. PDOK makes digital geospatial data available as data services and files. Most PDOK services are based on open data and are therefore available to everyone. The PDOK services meet national and international standards, including the European INSPIRE standards and the Dutch e-government standards.

Government collaboration

PDOK was created by a collaboration between the Cadastre, the Ministries of Infrastructure and Environment, Economic Affairs, Rijkswaterstaat and Geonovum. PDOK is an open initiative. Every public organisation that wants to make its geospatial data available for reuse can join PDOK.


The organisation of PDOK consists of two parts. The functional and technical management of PDOK is placed at the Cadastre in Apeldoorn. The Steering Board is responsible for the control. All partners have a seat on the board.


The Cadastre is responsible for delivering the PDOK services and for supporting the users. The Steering Board monitors the quality of service and is responsible for the long term development of PDOK. The Steering Board is supported by Geonovum with a small team consisting of representatives of all partner organisations. The Customer Panel represents the users of PDOK and is a sounding board for customer satisfaction.

Contacting PDOK

The Customer Contact Centre (helpdesk) is responsible for supporting the users of PDOK. It is the first point of contact for questions, requests and complaints. If you have questions like for example unlocking own datasets, specific use of PDOK or joining as a partner, then our PDOK account managers can help you.


Customer Contact Centre and Account Management (Kadaster)
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Phone: +31-88 183 4500
Steering Committee and team (Geonovum)