Publieke Dienstverlening Op de Kaart


While building the PDOK Loket, significant attention was paid to accessibility, quality and searchability. The aim is to provide all information in one portal so that everyone can view and use the contents.

The website has been built with the quality model Webrichtlijnen (Web Guidelines) in mind. These guidelines are based on internationally recognized agreements on accessibility, sustainability, interoperability and accessibility of websites. Building websites using the Web Guidelines Quality Model has several advantages for visitors. PDOK Loket must meet the guidelines to the maximum extent possible. There are situations where this is not possible yet.

Examples are:

  • All digital maps can only be used if Javascripts are enabled in the browser.
  • PDF's do not comply with the Web Guidelines. A research has been started on how PDF's can be accessed while still meeting the Web Guidelines.

PDOK acknowledges the company Sogeti for making available the template that was used for this website. We would also like to thank staff members of the Cadastre, the Municipality of The Hague, Geonovum, Grontmij, Arcadis and DLG. They helped shaping the design with respect to the accessibility of the PDOK Loket.