Publieke Dienstverlening Op de Kaart

Open data

The Government is making public government (open) data accessible to everyone. This includes government employees, citizens and business employees. In this way the information can be reused for new applications like Web sites and applications.

Almost all PDOK files and data services are therefore available under an "open" license (in most cases a Creative Commons type of license; i.e. CC-BY-SA 3.0). The meta data of the data and the data webservices indicate which license applies. Users can never claim the intellectual property rights of PDOK data.

More information about the various open licenses found on the Creative Commons website.

Everyone is free to use the data in accordance with the Fair Use Policy (can be found in the Dutch document Products Services Catalog Buyers in the PDOK Library). For an overview of all freely available PDOK services, please refer to the URL's Overview.

In some cases, the access policy of the holders of the source data prescribes that the data is not accessible to everyone. More information on this and on the different service levels can be found in the section For Whom.