Publieke Dienstverlening Op de Kaart


Personal information submitted through this site is being collected and stored. PDOK will only use the information for the purpose for which you submitted that information. In this way, PDOK complies with the privacy legislation.

Personal data is information that can be traced to an individual. Examples of personal information are - amongst others- name, home address, e-mail address, and so on.

In case your personal data items are requested and processed, you will find specific information regarding the purposes. PDOK uses your personal information only for the purpose for which you have provided it. That means that if you submit your name and address because you wish to receive a brochure, then these data items are not used for sending any other brochures unless you indicate so. It also means that PDOK is not using your data items for other purposes, such as sending press releases unless you agree.

Data may however be used for detection purposes in case criminal offenses are made or harmful statements are being broadcasted through the website (and other exceptions listed in Article 43 data Protection Act). Personal data shall not be kept longer than necessary for the purpose for which the data items were collected. All processing of personal data will only be executed on those items that you have entered actively.

The Data Protection Act (WBP) helps to protect the privacy of citizens. The Data Protection Act also applies to data processed obtained via the PDOK website. The Data Protection Authority supervises the Data Protection Act. View or download the Data Protection Act on