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Downloading data from PDOK

By using PDOK various data sources can be accessed and downloaded. With downloading we refer to geographic data sets that can be loaded from a PDOK file server. The files contain geographic data of (parts of) The Netherlands. Most users will use a Geographic Information System (GIS) after downloading the files. Download files are zipped files.

Data Downloads are different than Data Services. With Data Dowloads, the user gets direct access to the files in the source format. In contrast, with Data Services, small parts of the full coverage are disseminated via a protocol. Every time the user is navigating on the map, new geographic data will be loaded. Most users will only initiate a Data Download operation once, whereas Data Services operations are constantly launched during a session. Another distinction is the data size: Download files do have a considerable size whereas Data Services are relatively "light" for the client.

PDOK Data Downloads are available via two mechanisms:

  • Via a clickable map or a direct download link (BRT).
  • Via Atomfeeds (with a reader download locations are being shown).