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PDOK Services

PDOK provides mapping data services. A particular advantage of data services is that the data remains at the source. The data is not physically delivered but maintained in one location. This makes it possible to guarantee timeliness, reliability and availability.


The available map information is easy to reuse in your own applications. This requires GIS software or a GIS viewer. The use of the service is done by copying and pasting a URL from the overview or from the National Georegister (you will find an overview of all PDOK services via > Organisaties > Rijksoverheid > PDOK). If your software supports open standards that apply to PDOK, then the requested map layer is shown. The use of the PDOK data services requires certain knowledge of geo-tools. Such tools are also available as open source software so that anyone can easily experiment with them. Examples are PDOK Kaart, Geozet en de PDOK ArcGIS extension. Instructions for use of the services can be found in the library.


If there are any changes in the PDOK services or the URLs, PDOK will inform you here as early as possible. This information will be available via the Announcements (Dutch). Via an RSS-feed you can subscribe to automatic notifications when there are new messages.

Different PDOK web services