Publieke Dienstverlening Op de Kaart

For Whom

Anyone can use the open PDOK products and services. However some PDOK files and data services are not open, for example due to privacy laws. Another example: purchased image material is only available to the partners that have paid for the images. Therefore the PDOK services have different service levels for different target groups: PDOK Basic, Educational and Fair Use.

Public sector - PDOK Basic

PDOK Basic is intended for public sector organisations. With PDOK Basic you will receive a guaranteed service level and sufficient capacity to apply PDOK services in large-scale business-critical processes. For this you must register.


PDOK Basic supports the mandatory use of the (geo) registers. Using PDOK Basic will ensure that your company complies with Dutch and European policy for providing geospatial data from the government (including the open data policy and INSPIRE). You always have access to current and reliable geospatial data. Even companies that have to apply the PDOK Services on behalf of your public organisation can register via the public organisation.

Service Level

An overview of the available services, and a description of the service levels can be found in the Products Services Catalogue (Dutch). It will also contain agreements on availability, reliability and performance. PDOK strives for simplicity and approachability and therefore does not work with contracts or other formalities. However, there are rules of conduct for the use of PDOK services.

Using Services

The PDOK services can be directly accessed via the list of URL’s or through the National Georegister by selecting the 'PDOK' option with organisations in Central Government.